Malena Morgan Gets Hot and Steamy in Lesbian Trist

Friday, October 19, 2012

The moment Malena Morgan saw the stunning Elle in the sauna, she knew she had to have her. Her red hair hung over her shoulders – leading straight for those wonderfully small tits. Her thin body, long limbs – everything about Elle was incredible – and Malena had to taste her. Had to have her on her lips.

Elle must have been thinking the same thing. When the girls’ eyes met they instantly felt this electricity that hung in the air. The two practically gravitated to one another. Their lips found their way exploring each other’s body. Hands and tongues made their way around perky breasts and wet pussies. The longer the two stayed in the heated room the greater the passion grew. Their moans rang through the sauna and hung in the air….

Check out Malena Morgan as she muff dives

Malena Morgan Loves Baring Tits Outside

Friday, October 5, 2012

There’s something about baring it all out in the open that makes Malena Morgan’s pussy get nice and wet. She loves running the risk of being caught with everything hanging out. When getting to a new place like this, the first thing Malena does is scout it out. She wants to make sure she’s got the perfect spot to ditch her tiny denim skirt and t-shirt.

She doesn’t make the stripping a quick thing either; she’s sure to do it nice and slow to ensure everyone gets the chance to check her out. It all starts with a flash of her tits, then the skirt slides down over her hips and legs and those white cotton panties are out in the open. As she sheds each piece of clothing, her slit gets swollen – ready for any kind of action!

Check out Malena Morgan as she slips out of her skirt