Malena Morgan is Captured Slut

Friday, August 10, 2012

Look who’s been one naughty little slut. Malena Morgan has been stripped down and taken to the woods. This thin little thing is getting a taste of some harsh punishment after being a nasty little liar. She’s taught a lesson she won’t ever forget.

She’s been stripped naked, nipple clamps put on, her hands bound behind her back, and even her ankles are hooked into a spreader bar. It appears as though she doesn’t really have much say in what happens. She knows that she has to learn to be a good girl though, so the whippings she gets do her good. It doesn’t matter if it’s the crop of the flogger, as each one comes across her bare flesh, there’s a smacking sound in the air.

She couldn’t help but run that lying whore mouth of hers, so she needs to be taught that nothing good comes out of her mouth. She’s only a hole to fuck and all she’s used for it to please someone else. After having take a dildo down the throat, she’s pushed onto her side. Turns out she has another soppy wet fuck hole that needs to get a taste of this!

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Malena Morgan Sensually Strips Out of Black Lingerie

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lingerie always looks spectacular on the slim body of brunette model, Malena Morgan, and never has that been more true than in these sultry images.

Malena does a slow and sensual strip that exposes her perky breasts and firm round ass.

Softcore and spectacular, Malena undresses down to just her stockings and then parts her thighs to treat your eyes with views of her pretty pussy.

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Malena Morgan Lounges Nude Poolside

Friday, June 29, 2012

There’s something about swimming naked that really gets Malena Morgan going. It’s the sun beating down on her bare skin, the water soaking every part of her. There’s nothing obstructing her skin from feeling everything around her. Also, she gets a bit of a rise out of the chance of getting caught naked!

Most people think that being out in the pool is all about being wild and having parties, Malena likes to use the water as a chance to relax and reflect. With knees up and together, it gives great exposure to her bald cunt. Those pussy lips warmed by the sun, yet cooled by the water, and inside this babe’s snatch is nice and wet! There’s not too many chances you get to see a true beauty like this.

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Malena Morgan Strips Out of Brown Bikini

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sex kitten Malena Morgan is one delicious looking babe in this brown bikini. She may be small all over but her big personality and sex appeal definitely stand out. She loves to be a tease when it comes to taking off her suit. She unties her top, slowly pulling it down. The slower she goes, the more build up she creates!

With her bikini top gone, her tiny tits are able to be free. Her cute little nipples are nice and pink and perky. Next thing she needs to lose is that bottom! Her swallow and stars tattoo both seem to be pointing down her panties. Everyone wants to see the gem that lies between her thighs. Finally, she tugs them down and gives you one heck of a view from the back! That sweet pink slit of hers exposed – the wait was completely worth it!

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Malena Morgan Naked with Elle

Friday, June 15, 2012

Malena Morgan is once again joined by her pretty girlfriend, Elle, and once again, the lovely ladies get naked.

The brunette and redhead take off their outfits on a public walk way without any concern over who might catch a glimpse. They even kiss passionately in the process.

They remove their denim and pluck away Malena’s thong so that boobs and butt have no cover.

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Malena Morgan Undresses with a Friend

Friday, June 1, 2012

Malena Morgan joins her sexy redhead girlfriend, Elle, outside for an afternoon of lesbian fun.

The sexy girls help each other undress from their clothes and practice zero restraint when it come to touching breasts and admiring pussy.

They leave their high heels on while getting frisky naked.

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Malena Morgan Naked Walk

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Malena Morgan is in no way bashful about her beautiful body. If she feels like going for a walk naked, then that is exactly what she is going to do.

Taking off her road in the street and exposing herself completely to an oncoming car, the gorgeous brunette then wanders to a doorstep where she sits with legs spread and bald pussy showing.

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Malena Morgan Long Legs and Awesome Ass

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Malena Morgan poses for this gallery in a luxurious building with impressive architecture, but it just cannot compare to the eye-popping assets that she presents.

Malena is known for her extra long legs and slim physique as well as her beautiful face. All of that and more is shown off as she stands up and bends over, providing an unforgettable glimpse up her mini skirt at her bald pussy.

Malena leaves her top on but loses her bottoms. She seats herself on the floor with her graceful limbs spread open and ass and cooch in full view.

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Malena Morgan Toys Her Tight Ass

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slender goddess, Malena Morgan, wears a tight tube mini dress with a hot pink top that really shows off her extremely attractive qualities.

Malena’s hypnotic eyes look directly into the camera as her boobs are brought out and her pink nipples point forward. As if those perfect boobs weren’t delight enough, Malena then seats herself and spreads her legs. She reaches down to part her pussy lips wide and treats you to the view of a vibrator up her tight asshole.

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Malena Morgan Naked Beauty By the Pool

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stunning brunette vixen, Malena Morgan, really lights up the poolside as she poses outside in a skimpy bikini on her tight natural body.

Her black top is sensually peeled off to reveal perky breasts and blue bottoms are taken away to reveal her bald pussy and wonderful ass.

Malena sits on a clear chair with her nipples pointing forward and her thighs spread to display her lovely labia.

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Malena Morgan Masturbates in Bright Socks

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Malena Morgan crawls into bed and starts stripping out of her clothes. The stunning young beauty touches her body in all of the most erotic places while you get to watch.

Wearing brightly striped socks and spreading her long legs, Malena’s nipple point out enthusiastically and she reaches down to rub her wet pussy.

Watch as naughty Malena uses a purple dildo to penetrate her pink cooch.

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Malena Morgan in a Stunning Nude Pictorial

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stunning and natural, Malena Morgan, is a beautiful vision posing sensually outside and slowly removing her clothing. Perfect breasts are exposed and eventually her perky ass is as well.

Even the photographer was mesmerized by her: “When you have a model as beautiful, and sexy as Malena, the day seems to fly by. She looks good at every angle, and in every light. She can do no wrong in front of the camera as far as I’m concerned. I set her up in the open shade of our little Mexican villa and she made home. I must say, when I look at this pictorial, one of the many things that stand out about Malena is the big,soft,natural curls in her hair. I told Stephen that because of Malena’s hair, she reminded me of some of the models he used to shoot in the golden era of the eighty’s and early nineties. And I mean that in the best way.”

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Malena Morgan Sensual Strip in Stockings

Friday, February 24, 2012

Gorgeous as always, Malena Morgan even managed to mesmerize the photographer during this shoot who has very adamantly stated that she is always invited back to film more content.

Wearing her beautiful brunette hair loose and sensually stripping out of her boyfriend-style dress shirt while wearing a black thong and thigh high stockings, Malena exposes her flawless natural breasts and fit body.

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Malena Morgan Blue Bikini and Wet Pussy

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looking gorgeous in a little blue bikini, tall brunette, Malena Morgan, heads out to the pool and floats on a raft while stripping off her swimsuit.

Malena exposes her cute boobs with rock hard nipple points and then pulls off her bottoms to allow her hands easy access to her sweet pussy. She reaches down and parts her pink lips to let you look right at her inviting snatch.

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Malena Morgan Hot Love with Hayden Winters

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Malena Morgan opens her top and then helps busty blonde, Hayden Winters, out of her cute party dress. It is a quick progression from flirty play to full on lesbian lust as these babes can’t seem to get enough.

Malena nibbles on Hayden’s hard nipples before Hayden drops down to feast on Malena’s yummy pussy while reaching back to pleasure her own and giving awesome views in the process.

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